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My Voice Access

Many of your ByName services can also be accessed using an ordinary telephone, either fixed or mobile. We refer to this feature of ByName as the ByNumber Service.

You can interact with ByNumber via the phone keypad, or simply by speaking your commands by voice; ByNumber then responds to you in either real or synthesized speech. For example you can access and reply to your voice mails, or you can access your e-mails and have ByNumber read them to you.

The framework for ByNumber is already in place, including initial basic functionality, with much more to come soon. To begin using your ByNumber Service today, dial (425) 644-2972 on any touch-tone phone.

ByNumber is supported by its own set of websites for access and personalization. For more information visit

ByNumber makes use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to interpret your spoken commands, and Text-To-Speech technology to render you e-mails as speech.

The ByNumber voice access service is based on the Voice Response Development Environment, or VoRDE. As part of ByName, the ByNumber service is entirely Libre, and all the software required to reproduce ByNumber in its entirety is freely available at


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