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My Mobile Page

The ByName Services are all about messaging - providing you with complete and integrated messaging services everywhere.

ByName gives you mobile messaging based on the open WhiteBerry model.

Coming soon: My Mobile Page, your own personal, customizable web page for mobile access to your Byname Services.

My Mobile Page provides you with access to your ByName Services, appropriately customized to suit your needs when you are mobile. This mobility could take the form of:

  • access to your ByName Services via a desktop PC at a remote location, such as a hotel or Internet cafe
  • access to your ByName Services via a wireless device, such as a PDA or cell phone

Regardless of where you are or what device you are using, all you need is a web-browser. Login to your My.ByName account, click on My Mobile Page, and your ByName Services are right there, tailored to your mobile status.

You can customize your Mobile Page in any way you wish - you can have it provide similar services to your Personal page, or you can customize it to behave in an entirely different way - it's up to you.

Stay tuned for more details...

The ByName Services support mobility based on the LEAP protocols.


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