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People Credits

  • Mohsen Banan. Mohsen is the originator of the Libre Services concept, and the creative force behind their implementation in the form of the ByName Services.
  • Andrew Hammoude. Andrew is responsible for taking Mohsen's creative ideas, and writing them in a form which is comprehensible to the rest of the world. He produced all the written material you see throughout this website.
  • Yohanes Santoso. Yohanes integrated the open-source software components and wrote the necessary integration software to implement All the functionality you experience at is the result of his skill and experience.
  • Pinneke Tjandana. Pinneke brought together the efforts of the other participants in too many ways to mention. She also did the graphic design for the website.

Software Credits

  • Apache is a powerful, flexible, HTTP/1.1 compliant web server that are commonly used in the world.
  • Jetspeed is an Open Source implementation of an Enterprise Information Portal, using Java and XML. A portal makes network resources (applications, databases and so forth) available to end-users.
  • Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies.
  • Velocity is a Java-based template engine. It permits web page designers to reference methods defined in Java code.
  • Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is kind of like Make, but without Make's wrinkles.

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