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Libre Internet Application Services for the
Individual based on the Person's Name

Wireless E-Mail and Internet Services

Integrated Services!

  • Use your My.ByName services everywhere - at home, at work, and on the go
  • Total e-mail access everywhere - from a wireless PDA, palmtop PC, or cell phone. True mobile messaging based on Operation WhiteBerry
  • Voice access to My.ByName using any phone, anywhere, via voice-based ByNumber
  • ByName is not BlackBerry! BlackBerry is closed! Get your free WhiteBerry Starter Kit !
  • ByName is not WAP! WAP is patented! Stay out of The WAP Trap !

Comprehensive Services!

  • Your personal, permanent domain based on your own name. Homer's is
  • Multiple consistent e-mail boxes. E-mail Homer at:
  • ..... and many others Fully integrated mobile messaging service. Get your e-mail anywhere.

Libre Services, The Right Way of Living!

ByName Services are the world first Libre Services:

Ways to Use ByName Services

  • As a Subscriber
  • As a Domain
  • As a Turnkey Franchisee
  • As your own ASP!
  • As free and open Building Blocks

ByName Factory

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